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Phase I safety trial of intravenous ascorbic acid in patients with severe sepsis

Alpha A Fowler III, Aamer A Syed, Shelley Knowlson, Robin Sculthorpe, Don Farthing, Christine DeWilde, Christine A Farthing, Terri L Larus, Erika Martin5, Donald F Brophy, Seema Gupta, Medical Respiratory Intensive Care Unit Nursing, Bernard J Fisher and Ramesh Natarajan

Effect of high‑dose Ascorbic acid on vasopressor’s requirement in
septic shock

Mohadeseh Hosseini Zabet, Mostafa Mohammadi, Masoud Ramezani, Hossein Khalili

Vitamin C supplementation in the critically ill: A systematic review
and meta-analysis

Michael Zhang and David F Jativa

Evidence is stronger than you think: a meta-analysis of vitamin C use in patients
with sepsis

Jing Li

Effects of different ascorbic acid doses on the mortality of critically ill patients:
a meta‑analysis

Ying Wang1, Huan Lin2, Bing‑wen Lin3 and Jian‑dong Lin3*

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